Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Veiw of the Media - From the Inside

Here's a new book out by Teresa Tomeo of EWTN.

Teresa Tomeo is one of my favorite hosts on EWTN. She climbed through the ranks of the secular media, to become a lead anchor.

What she found out was that her Catholic faith conflicted with her secular goals and the ultimate clash between her faith and worldly fame was inevitable.

Teresa's new book NEWSFLASH gives the reader an insight, a behind the scenes look at the secular media. She tells her story as she moved through these media circles and shows us that compromising our Catholic faith for secular riches is a path which can lead to destruction.

It sounds like a really good book. I plan to pick a copy up.

Check out the article on Catholicexchange.com

Catholicism: Not for Wimps!

Newsflash! is Teresa’s powerful testimony in which she shares her public and private tragedies and triumphs. Like a listener of Archbishop Chaput’s message, Teresa’s isn’t for the faint of heart as she calls each and every Catholic to live out his or her baptismal vows in a more conscientious way. As Teresa pointedly admits, “Being a Catholic isn’t for wimps!’

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