Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"Soilant Green Is People !" - Patrick Madrid Article on Contraception

Patrick Madrid has a post on 'The Aging of America' through the contraception issues of today. I've already pointed out the economical affects and claims the Madam Pelosi has proclaimed on national T.V. on a previous post.

Patrick puts some nice points and gleans some light on the medias distorted view on the whole contraception push.

Kind of brought to mind Mr Heston's cry " Soilant Green is People !"

If you are contracepting, you're a part of a very big problem

Global aging, combined with plummeting birth rates, is a catastrophically dangerous menace that only a few people seem to be waking up to. You may not be familiar with terms like “global aging” and “demographic winter,” but you will be soon.

I've been giving public lectures on the problem of global aging for the past 7 years or so, and my audiences are always shocked and dumbfounded as I explain how the West's ever expanding population of old people (due, thank God, to the ever-improving capabilities of bio-medical science), while a good thing in itself, will soon become a prime target for the forced-euthanasia crowd as the decline in birth rates among women of child-bearing age throughout the West (as well as major non-Western countries like Japan and Russia) forces an ever-shrinking number of younger, working citizens to shoulder the economic burden of paying for the retirement benefits consumed by the ever-expanding population of retired, old folks.

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