Thursday, January 15, 2009

MIA - Catholic Clergy at Obama Inauguration

The newspapers, online news, blogs and on TV has a plethora of stories about the coming Obama Inauguration, the millions that are projected to attend.

Including the unprecedented 150 million price tag... but that's another story.

AmP also has a piece on the up coming inauguration, only it's one probably that,s not going to be mentioned by the MSM.

It's been an ongoing tradition to invite various pastors and clergy to the ceremony, sort of as a sign of unity perhaps.

Let's see, we have Rick Warren and wife of the Saddleback church here in SoCal and the Episcopal bishop, Gene Robinson and I would include his partner.

But what about Catholic Clergy...

...hmmm, I guess the invite got lost in the mail?

Catholics shunned at Obama Inauguration

Here in DC it seems that everyone and his brother is coming into town for the Inauguration of Barack Obama.

Well, actually, scratch that. It seems that Catholic clergy aren't being invited to the official events: MORE

...I'm sure there will be plenty of catholics in attendance that voted for him. Sheeeessss!

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