Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Will the Real St. Paul Please Stand Up....

Great article on St. Paul from Jimmy Akin.

We're doing a short study on St. Paul and the Sacraments by Fr. Pacwa in our Men's Group at our parish...

Two From Benedict

Since 1963 there has been a growing debate in Protestant circles regarding the way in which St. Paul's teachings--particularly regarding justification--are to be understood. A significant number of authors, including Kirster Stendahl, E. P. Sanders, James Dunn, and N. T. Wright, have concluded that the standard accounts of Paul's teaching developed since the Reformation are simply wrong, that they read Paul's conflict with first century Judaizers anachronistically against the Reformers' struggle with the Catholic Church and what they perceived Catholic beliefs to be.

Although these authors have their own opinions about the details of what Paul meant, and while each gives different nuances to their understanding of Paul, there are certain commonalities among their thoughts, and this has given rise to the term "the new perspective on Paul" as a way of naming their school. (Though some of them have said, "the new perspectives on Paul" would be more accurate.)

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