Thursday, December 04, 2008

Washington State [Seattle]: Making a name for Itself

Yet another story coming out of Washington State. I was unaware of a particular White House tradition that allows the 435 Congressional districts to showcase a decorative Christmas ornament to hang from the official White House Christmas tree.

That sound pretty cool, yet there are those that would twist this time honored tradition for their own ill purpose.

Enter... once again Seattle Washington. The officials of the State selected Deborah Lawrence, a local artist, as the person to represent the beautiful state of Washington with her decorative Christmas bulb.

Description of bulb:

Well, it didn't get the nod from First Lady Bush of course.

What an honor for the State of Washington, the ONLY bulb to be rejected. The good people of Washington deserve better.

Now they have two black eyes.

Maybe they can place that bulb next to the Atheist poster board at the State Capitol.

Artist Statement: Deborah Lawrence

Oh, and a very MERRY CHRISTMAS !

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