Saturday, December 20, 2008

80's Flashback

I've been hearing plenty of 80's music lately. I can't believe that era was 20 years ago.

Plenty of memories though and maybe these music video will jar a flashback or two.

Where were you when these were blaring?

How about this one? (I saw this mentioned on LGF

For you rockers of that era...


  1. That A-HA video is a classic. Groundbreaking for it's time. The music doesn't stand up on it's own (ever try to listen to it when they play it on the radio?... bleh!), but the video's live/animation blend is still cool.

    Never was that big of a Van Halen fan (I actually like the Sammy Hagar years more than the David Lee Roth era).

    CROWDED HOUSE!!! One of my all-time favorite bands. I have all of their CDs, including Neil Finn's solo stuff. I've seen these guys about a half-dozen times in concert, including in August '07 @ the Santa Barbara Bowl. Consummate musicians and songwriters... what I call true "troubadours and tunesmiths". You'd love their latest CD from a little over a year ago, called "Time On Earth".

  2. Time On Earth

    I'll check it out..

    WCC +<><