Monday, July 28, 2008

McCain Campaign: Asleep at the Wheel...

I'm trying to figure out when McCain is going to start campaigning. So far I'm uninspired...

Ben Stein has a few thoughts on this...

McCain need Rove

Ben Stein says he knows how Sen. John McCain can win in November: Karl Rove.

That's right, that Karl Rove.

At a time when McCain is seeking to distance himself from President Bush, Stein argues McCain needs to enlist Bush's chief political guru in order to defeat Sen. Barack Obama.

"I don't discount the possibility that some really smart person at the McCain campaign might go over to Karl Rove, and say 'We will offer you all the kingdoms of the world if you will come and guide our campaign,' " a hopeful-sounding Stein said in a recent interview, during which he also discussed Al Franken's Senate bid and his thoughts on a sequel to the 1986 box office smash "Ferris Bueller's Day Off," which launched Stein's film career.

Stein is not unlike many Hollywood types in that he speaks his mind when it comes to politics. But what separates him from the pack is his professional background and party affiliation.
Stein is an actor and an author, but he is also an economist, columnist and, yes, a lawyer. And he is a Republican, making him a minority in Tinseltown political circles.

Did I mention that Stein also worked as a speech writer for President Richard Nixon and President Gerald Ford? Yes, that's right, that Richard Nixon.

So when he talks about politics, it is fair to say that Stein has an informed view -- whether you choose to agree with his analysis is another issue.

From Stein's perspective, McCain has been running an uninspiring campaign -- one that lacks a coherent message.

"Mr. McCain is running the absolute most pathetic campaign I have ever seen in my whole life," Stein said in his unmistakable monotone delivery. "His campaign is just heartbreakingly pathetic. He is a very impressive guy. He is a brave guy, but he is running the most lackluster campaign I have ever seen in my entire life. I would have thought Bob Dole's campaign would have set a record for poor campaigns, but this one is even worse. I mean it is shocking."

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