Friday, July 18, 2008

D'Souza vs. Hitchens Update

Here's a recount of the actual debate.... sounds like a heated one.

"You guys ready for some sparks," a man quipped as he took his seat to hear the rhetorical pugilists go head-to-head on the topic, "War, Terrorism & Geo-Political Crisis: Is Religion the Solution or the Problem?"

Billed on yellowing posters as a Wild West showdown and a championship boxing match all rolled into one, moderator Alex Green felt it was appropriate to set a few ground rules.

"For tonight's two debaters; Please, no head-butting, no ear-pulling, no slapping, no biting and no gagging," Green said tongue-in-cheek. "No eye-gouging, no spine locks, no neck cracks, no faking an injury and no escaping the ring. No hair-pulling, no fish-hooking, no distracting the referee, no groin strikes and no toe locks. No grabbing the throat. No attacks on the windpipe. No punches to the head, kicking below the belt and no unsportsmanlike conduct."

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