Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Earth Quake: 5.4 - Chino Hills

Okay, Just checked home. A 5.4 Quake just hit us, centered at Chino Hills... where I live.

I'm in Mahatten Beach where I work right now. I was on my way to mass at a local church in Redondo Beach during lunch when the earthquake hit. I was driving so I didn't feel a thing. I didn't feel any aftershocks during mass.

I phoned the wife and she says that it shock pretty good. No damage to the home other than a few pictures fell but other that that everything seem to be fine though the aftershocks are rolling thru.

My daughter works at Cal State Fullerton (about 16 miles from Chino Hills) and there where some minor injuries. The campus has been shut down and there is a mess of a traffic jam as the students evacuate.

... Thank God it was a relatively small one.


  1. Felt it up here at work in Westlake (about 70 miles from the epicenter). It was a pretty good rock-n-roll for about 30 seconds.

    Hope things are okay for you back home. Thoughts & Prayers, as always!

  2. thanks Trub..

    Everythings fine. I'm not looking forward to the drive home though. Rumors are there are some crack along the 91 fwy in Anaheim somewhere...

    ...can you say fwy closure...

    Take care yourself.
    God Bless WCC +<><