Friday, April 27, 2007

Will the real Presidenal Candidate please stand up....

I'm starting to seriously gather information on the Candidates for next years Presidental Elections.

I'm not very impressed...

In fact I'm down right disappointed. Not much to choose from. I keep hoping for that one individual that sticks out in the crowd that supports my views on abortion, euthanasia, marriage, war, health care, stem cell research.

Hence... I'm still gathering information.

While I missed the 'Debate 8' on TV, I do plan to read about it. Not much there though (In my opinion) to harvest from.

I found this article this morning about Sen. Sam Brownback (Presidential candidates discuss politics and Catholic faith-CNA). I've been wanting to read up on Mr. Brownback. Not a front runner according to the MSM but he seems to fall in line more with my view than most.

If anyone would like to suggest some good sources of info for my fact finding mission, please feel free to do so. I'm willing to hear all sides.

WCC +<><

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