Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Easter Candle -Light of the World

Easter Sunday's homily has been on my mind a lot.

Our pastor's homily centered obviously on the Resurrection and the gift of Christ's sacrifice. But he also touched a little on the Easter Candle and it's relationship to us and essentially the call for each of us to be the 'Light in the World'. This only being made possible by Jesus' ultimate sacrifice and glorious resurrection. His work is to be carried on through our cooperation with His Easter gift. In our daily lives as examples and witnesses to His love for us.

I've been thinking about this....

How can I best achieve this? For me it's easy to read more scripture, to say an extra rosary, to read the Divine Office more devoutly or read another apologetics book. But these are easy things for me to do.

The harder things for me can be, for example, be more patient with my family members. I seem to be more patient with strangers.

How about forgiving others. Taking that first step to heal a hurt when we think we're in the right.

How about avoiding the obvious temptation pitfalls; talking bad about others, for guys avoiding questionable situations of immorality, foul language.

How we be that light in the world that Christ expects us to be. Not to be showy or put on airs, but to be truly examples of his love in small way throughout the day.

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