Monday, April 23, 2007

Supreme Court Justice Anthony M. Kennedy

With the upholding of the Ban on Partial Birth Abortion last week, Justice Kennedy was highlighted in the Los Angeles Times yesterday. (Justice Kennedy at center of abortion debate)

In reading through the article I found something quite disturbing. Namely the voice of one Dr Nancy Stanwood and her thoughts on the resent court decision.

"It is patronizing. And for them to tell us how to practice medicine is dangerous," said Dr. Nancy Stanwood, an obstetrics professor at the University of Rochester, who delivers babies and does abortions. "If I have a patient with a placental abruption, there can be life-threatening bleeding. The fastest way to deal with that is to empty the uterus. But I will have to stop and think: Could I go to jail for trying to stop this bleeding?"

I wonder just how many of these cases are the cause of each partial birth abortion.

Here's the really scary part...

"This will not stop any abortions from taking place," said Stanwood. "We physicians will make some slight changes in our practice. An injection for the fetus adds another risk to woman's health, and it means added time and money. But if that's what's necessary, that's what we will do."

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