Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Hans Jung - pro-abortion stance

I read this article ( Hans Kung Joins Abortion Debate In Mexico ) and was reminded why Rome removed this catholic theologian from teaching Catholic doctrine in 1979.

According to Küng, the key point in the abortion debate is that the fertilized ovum is not a human person. “There is a great difference between the classic Catholic doctrine and St. Thomas Aquinas’ position, because he thinks that human animation is a process and there is not a human person from the beginning,” said Küng. “Because the human person, says St. Thomas Aquinas, presuppose an anima intellectualis, an intellect, what distinguishes humans from animals, it is clear that at the beginning there is not a human person.” For this reason, said Küng, “a fertilized ovum, evidently is human life but is not a person. So the problem of abortion is considerably reduced.”

St. Thomas Aquinas would be turning in his to speak... to know that this disciplined theologian was using his name to pronounce a false teaching.

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