Monday, April 30, 2007

Global Warming ...continued debate

The Global Warming debate will be with us for sometime to come. And I'll have to admit, sometimes I get more confused the more I gather information on what exactly is the truth about this subject.

Still, I'm continuing my quest for some realism on this issue. Evangelical Catholic has a forum for such a debate and it's worth participating in. Or even just reading the post can be fruitful.

If you do join in though remember the

My stance so-far: I think man has and can contribute to the benefit or detriment of the environment. He is the steward of what God has created.

I do not believe all that the individuals upholding the "Inconvenient Truth" Theme ahave to say. I do not believe that man is the total cause of Global warming. I'm more inclined to a position that Global Warming does exist and has existed. Climate being more cyclical in nature and that man is not the primary cause of it.

Drowning Polar Bears just doesn't make sense to me..

Anyways, I could be wrong but I haven't studied anything that has changed my mind yet.

Join the debate

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