Thursday, April 19, 2007

Why did they show the video and pictures?

I can't believe that the media went ahead and followed through with what the Virginia Tech shooter wanted most to happen. The showing of his video and pictures.

It was nothing other and a "Press Release" of the atrocities he planned to do...and the media put aside the memory of the victims and the feelings of their families for what?....

.... ratings!

They just gave the killer his "15 minutes" of fame, only it will last longer than that. The media does the same thing with police car chases.

I refuse to view the video. I don't need to see it. I have read the multiple stores of heroic actions taken by those victims that sacrificed their lives to save others.

The professor who survived the Holocaust, who held the door to his class room closed to allow his students to exit through the windows was one story that touched my heart. He was shot 5 times through the door.

The article: Psychiatrist say's "Showing Video Is Social Catastrophe"

... I don't need to see the killers video

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