Friday, March 23, 2007

Sip of Coffee and a good morning read....

Hmmm, that coffee taste good this morning. Thought I'd share my Friday morning reading run-down as I start my morning here on the West Coast...

Ignatius Insight has the morning highlights:
- Hey Jude...ussss
- Faith in the Triune God, And Peace in the B16
- The Tale of Trent

Just got my March copy of Homiletic & Pastoral review in the mail but the online version has some great articles:
- The Danger of Criticizing Bishops and Priests
- Is Christianity a Comfortable Religion?
- Party Politics and the Priesthood
- NFP: A Defense and an Explanation (Sean Hannity should read this one)

Catholic World News has the top stories
- The "Hannitization" of faith
- Ave Maria retains Father Fessio in new capacity
- Censured Jesuit author explains resistance to Vatican

From the News Room:
- Iran seizes 15 British Navy personnel (I'm watching this one closely)
- Millionaire Gives Mansions to Homeless (cool..)


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