Friday, March 02, 2007

More Bone to Pick...

More information debunking the "Titanic Hoax" as I call it.

Michael Barber of "Singing In The Reign" has a good analysis. He has a 7 point break down and number one Is:

1. They found no bones of Jesus. Everyone looks over that--in fact, when I first posted on this I was even under the impression that Cameron was talking about finding "bones" of Jesus. Even if this was the tomb of the founder of Christianity, there is still no body in it. Of course, it isn't Jesus' tomb anyway as we will explain, I just thought I ought to point that out.

Carl Olson of "Insight Scoop" also has some detailed thoughts of Evangelical biblical scholar Ben Witherinton III

Remember the tale of the Titanic? How it was supposed to be impregnable, and nothing could poke holes in it? How it would never be sunk? Well all I can say is that human hubris knows no bounds, and that hasn’t changed in the last century. On April 15th 1912 the supposedly leak proof Titanic rammed into an iceberg and sank—sank like a giant stone. Sank quickly, with great loss of life.

"Why do I bring this up? Because in one of the interesting ironies in recent memory, James Cameron the movie director who made the enormously successful film “Titanic”, on the night after the Oscars, will give an Oscar winning performance at a news conference along with Simcha Jacobovici who have now produced a Discovery Channel special on the discovery of Jesus’ tomb, ossuary, bones, and that of his mother, brothers, wife, and his child Jude as well! Who knew! The show will air on March 4th. In addition we are now regaled with a book by Simcha and Charles Pellegrino entitled The Jesus Family Tomb: The Discovery, the Investigation, and the Evidence That Could Change History just released today by Harper-Collins timed to co-ordinate with their news conference and the Discovery Channel special. Why should we be skeptical about this entire enterprise?"

Jimmy Akin ( promises his input on the subject soon.

I love to read and these fellows are a lot smarter than I. So I offer their links as a good source to learn more on the subject.

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