Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Europe...into the Twilight...

Just read an interesting news post at CWN (Europe headed into twilight of history, Pope warns).

It appears, the Holy Father said, "that the European continent is losing confidence in its future." As a result, he said, the European Union "seems to be on a path that might lead to its twilight in history."

What made this a bit more interesting to me as the theory that the U.S. should be more like Europe. In it's government style, health care, justice system (U.S. Judges seem to be sighting more and more statutes of European court rulings).

It's been reported that the church attendence across the pond is growing smaller and smaller. It seem a little weird knowing that once upon a time the Catholic Church was the way of life in Europe. Not just on Sunday's but an everyday way of life.

Pope Benedict stated flatly that "it is unthinkable that we can build an authentic common European house by disregarding the identities of the peoples of this continent of ours. It is an historical, cultural and moral identity even before it is a geographic, economic or political reality. It is an identity built on a set of universal values in which Christianity played a role in molding them, which gives it a role that is not only historical but also foundational vis-à-vis Europe."

Here in the U.S. we see a simular pattern of those points B16 notes. It may seem we don't have much control to stem this trend...however I believe we have more control than we are willing to admit.

It all begins with our family and our children. How we as parents shape them in their growing years. Passing our faith on to them, most importantly. Teaching them through example about marriage and family

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