Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Lost Parish...of Frisco

"The Lost Parish" (SFGate.com) the first of a 3-part article tell the closing of St. Brigid Church in San Fransisco.

Father Cyril O'Sullivan of St. Brigid's has a short podcast on this: HERE

Along with the bankruptcy of the San Diego Diocese, the continued bashing of the Catholic Church in the media (numerous documentaries I've come across), times are hard in California.

Yet I can't help be feel a definite strength in our Church. I've noticed our youth group growing at our parish. They seem to have a scene of resolve...maybe a better word is TRUST. Trust in the Holy Spirit to guide the bride of Christ (His Church). I must say it's inspiring. They are certainly unafraid to go against the tide of society.

They are like the new green leave on the tree of Spring.


  1. Anonymous4:27 PM

    As a victim first of sexual assault by a priest for years, and now a victim again as Brom lies to parisheners and the Federal Court; don't be so sure there is any Holy Spirit abiding in this horror diocese. Not until there is FULL discloser can you claim that. And when you see how horrific the sins of the leadership are you will be sick. And as for the Youth, PROTECT them with all that you hold dear ... it's at your peril if you fail to because the leadership does not intend to!

  2. Amazing how some people place unfettered trust in those that have a long history of abusing it. Yes, god is wonderful and omnipotent, but it is his will that those abused by the Catholic church speak out, for you to see the truth. Do not believe in the lies put forth by the church, investigate what the good lord has put before you, for it his calling that you see what is, and not falsely place your faith in an institution undeserving of a place next to our lord. Children are gods greatest gift, to allow them to be abused, and then to turn a blind eye biased in faith, is a sin, in that you are enabling the abusers to continue abusing gods children, and allow them to hide amongst you. Cast them out, and speak forth the word of our lord, that man cannot serve two masters god and money, that faith is not dependent upon the wealth of the church, but the faith in God, not in false idols, or acts purported to be in Christs name, but in the goodness of your heart you will see and feel the pain of those who have suffered, and you will stand with them to cast out the evil from within the church, and bring your religion back to its rightful place as a cornerstone of our society, and not the cesspool it is today.