Monday, March 12, 2007

Into Great Silence - Review

Wow, just saw the movie on Saturday at a theater on Santa Monica Blvd. This was one of those old movie theaters that has a single screen with a curtain that draws back as the movie begins.

What kind of scared me was when I purchased my ticket, the first thing I noticed was that it listed the movie as "The Rocky Horror Picture Show".

I thought to myself, "..well, I'm a little under dressed for the event."

For those familiar with the movie, it's not one that you would ( or at least shouldn't) pack the house with attending Catholics. Evidently, they have a showing of the rocky horror show every weekend evening at midnight. I planned to be well out of the area before then.

I was surprised to see how well attended the showing was; it was a packed house!

The movie was as advertised, no narrative voice over or music score except for the Gregorian chant that was heard in a few chapel scenes.

I don't think I could "give away the plot" because it wasn't that kind of movie. It was something I hadn't previously experienced before. It truly lived up to the title...Into the Great Silence... and I mean that in the best way possible.

The simple life of these monks, the beautiful environment of the French Alps, the giving of ALL for God just left me with a scene of wanting to share in that silence. It did take about 45 minutes or a little more to really leave behind the worldly distractions I brought with me to the movie, but I slowly began to appreciate this unique experience.

This is a must see so don't miss it. Check for a showing near you. Oh.. don't bring young children as they could get restless.......... and definitely bring your Teens. They (as we all) could learn from the lives of these simple monks.
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