Monday, March 19, 2007

Another Cardinal Martini Moment...

To think that Cardinal Martini of Milan was a leading contender in the last Papal Elections sends shivers down my spine. Thank God for the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Retired Cardinal Martini again has voiced his dissent against Church teaching by placing his support behind a proposal for legal recognition of same-sex unions in Italy.

“The Church does not give orders,” Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini told a large congregation of Italian visitors to Bethlehem on March 15. The Italian cardinal’s remarks were generally perceived as a criticism of efforts by other Italian Church leaders to defeat a proposal for legal recognition of same-sex unions."(CWN)

The retired Cardinal uses the same ploy that many individuals use to implant their ideas of changing Church teachings on such issues as abortion, Gay rights, birth control and condom use, women priest, and the list goes on. These individuals and groups claim that the Church isn't open to dialogue or discussion.

Kind of reminds me when my kids were quite young, and they would hound me, oh lets say, to see a movie with their friends that wasn't' appropriate or a TV show that was popular with the kids at school but again wasn't in the best interest of the spiritual well being. Sometimes you have to be a parent whether it appeases the children or not.

Same thing with the Church. She is our guide, the our guardian of our souls. Some non-catholics would call that "following blindly, what the church says". Within the church dissenters follow the "... we are the church and we know better", claim.

This example from Cardinal Martini:
In his homily the retired cardinal said that the Church should engage in open dialogue with non-believers, and attempt to make Catholic teachings persuasive to a secular audience. “It is necessary to listen to others, and when speaking to use terms that they understand,” he said.

It seems that the news is bring forth more and more claims of decent in the Church although I personally don't think that it's all that unusual. The Church has had many dissenters throughout it's 2000 years, both from within and outside.

Let's continue to pray for the Church and the Holy Father and the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

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