Friday, November 10, 2006

A time for Pause and Reflection...

I've taken the last couple of days to collect my thoughts after the elections. Some see the election results with an air (more like "err") of change and a sense of new direction. I can sense the change as well albeit not for the better.

There's some election results that specifically dis-heartened me the most. In our state of California for instance, Measure 85 , which was about parental notification, went down to defeat. I just don't understand parents voting against this measure. As a parent myself this doesn't make sense to me. To me this is just more evidence of the value of the family crumbling. We can't change society if the foundation of society, the family, is eroding away.

Very Sad....

The other was the amendment 2 in one other state, which involve Embryonic Stem Cell research.

More baby killing... how much more will our Lord stand for?

Knowing that Catholics voted against these issues made my blood boil a bit. My earlier statement about not leaving our Catholic faith outside the voting booth resonates in my mind. It not only was left outside the booth, it was drop in the waste can outside the voting hall.

So it took me a couple of days to go through these thoughts and emotions. I stopped listening to the political analysis on the radio and I didn't see any news at night when I got home. But, I did pray about it and reflected on some scripture.

Today's first reading: Phil 3:17-4:1

Join with others in being imitators of me, brothers and sisters,
and observe those who thus conduct themselves
according to the model you have in us.
For many, as I have often told you
and now tell you even in tears,
conduct themselves as enemies of the cross of Christ.
Their end is destruction.
Their God is their stomach;
their glory is in their “shame.”
Their minds are occupied with earthly things.
But our citizenship is in heaven,
and from it we also await a savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.
He will change our lowly body
to conform with his glorified Body
by the power that enables him also
to bring all things into subjection to himself.

Therefore, my brothers and sisters,
whom I love and long for, my joy and crown,
in this way stand firm in the Lord, beloved.

We obviously can judge people, that's Gods venue, but we can judge their actions. There is no excuse for the culture of death.

The Supreme Court is reviewing the issue of partial birth abortion. We need to pray for them.
We won't get anything else right; war iIraqaq & terrorism, immigration, health benefits oany otherer issue unless we firssupportrt the nucleus of our great nation. That,s the family, and it starts beliminatingng this culture of death - abortion.

So I thrust that God is in control and He has a plan and a purpose for all things. Let's concentrate on moving forward.

I friend of my sent me a link to a powerful talk by Fr. John Corapi . The title of his talk is "SURRENDER is Not an Option! - Spiritual Warfare and the Family" This so true.

When it comes to our familieSURRENDER IS NOT AN OPTION.

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