Wednesday, November 22, 2006

NOT Married with Children

Back in 1987 and more recently on TV reruns, most people are familiar with the very dysfunctional Bundy family.

The teen birth rate in on the decline which is good news. The increase seems to stem from mother's who's careers have caused a delay in family building. And many are not bothering to have the marriage vows get in their way either. Both men and women are the cause of this trend of course.

It's not uncommon to for me to overhear a water cooler conversation of men in their forty's and early fifty's that have babies and grade schoolers at home. Some are even just having their first child.

Many of the young engineers at my place of employment are getting married later in life (30's seems to be the popular age) and some tell me that marriage is very unnecessary altogether.

I guess for some it is in God's plans for them to marry later in life, but I don't think his plans include 4 out of 10 children.
I know 2 couples at church who have about 16 children between them. They are the happiest people I know. It's great to be around them. Their children seem so joyous and mature. The younger ones are the best behaved children at mass on Sunday and the older ones keep them in line and direct them in the prayer of the mass.
They are great examples to our society.

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