Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Church and Celibacy

The Roman Curia is having a meeting tomorrow to discuss Ex-Archbishop Milingo's excommunication and ... asked to reflect on the priests who seek a dispensation from their vows-- in most cases, in order to marry-- and those married men who seek a return to priestly ministry.

No I don't think the Vatican is going to change any disciplines about celibacy.

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  1. well, rome can do what it wants to, but the eastern churches in communion with rome have long had married clergy, including the melkites catholics, ukranians, ruthenians and others.

    the vatican has long said that the eastern churches are strong voices for the defense of the faith, and in the case of priestly celibacy, i hope they'll turn to us, as they often have in centuries past.

    in case you've never heard of the eastern catholic churches, check out my blogsite.