Monday, November 06, 2006

Catholic American

This is a fine article over at Insightscoop website entitled "On Being Catholic American", by Joseph A. Varacalli.

The opening statement reads:

"The United States of America needs the Catholic worldview more than the Catholic faith requires the American Experience"

"The purpose of my presentation is to provide a brief reflection, from what I take to be an authentic Catholic sensibility, on how Catholics ought to analyze their relationship to American society and culture. Put another way, the following question might be posed: "What does American patriotism mean to the serious and devout Catholic?" Or, perhaps and more precisely, the question is: "How can American patriotism be apprehended in a manner consistent with the tenets of the Catholic faith?" I will attempt, in part, to address these questions by presenting a series of twelve propositions and principles for consideration and reflection."

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