Monday, November 20, 2006

Building a Wall

The debate is still going on, to build a border fence or not. Kind of puts a new thought to the saying "What would Jesus do?"

Over at The Ratzinger Fan Club website, there's a synopsis of the internet debate between fellow Catholics ( Cafeteria Closed, American Papist & Evangelical Catholicism) as well as others chiming in over building the Mexican border fence.

What's a Catholic to think. Should we build it or not? Does it go against Catholic teachings on charity? Is there a limit to our love of Neighbor? Does National Security weigh in on this issue?

A good discussion and lots of prayer is a must.

Stuff I ponder late at night when everyone is asleep:
- Lot, while stuck in Sodom and Gomorrah offered up his daughters to save the heaven sent visitors that took refuge in his house. Could I do the same?

- Jesus tells us to give our shirt when we have already given up our coat...

- If I error by allowing a criminal into the country thinking he is a hungry homeless immigrant and he causes harm maybe even death...possibly my own


If I turn away a hungry homeless immigrant who really is hungry and homeless, who I think is a terrorist...

How will God judge me?


  1. Thank you for noting the "fellow Catholics" part. I think our blogs lost sight of that fact amid the chaos and critiques.

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