Wednesday, November 29, 2006

More Nativity...

Just viewed a short video on CNN about the leading actress, Keisha Castle-Hughes who plays Mary in the movie, being pregnant. The interviewer, CNN's Sibila Vargas, made the comparison of the actress being "pregnant out of wedlock" the same as Mary being "pregnant out of wedlock."

What is the interviewer trying to say? That being pregnant out of wedlock is no big deal?

Let me see if I have this right:

1. Mary the Mother of God is pregnant out of wedlock; that's acceptable.
2. The actress, who played Mary, is pregnant out of wedlock: that's acceptable.

3. Therefore: It's acceptable to be pregnant out of wedlock

Doesn't hold water for me. First of all Mary's pregnancy was not the product of fornication.
The director even tried to make a further comparison of Keisha's boy friend and father of the child, is a carpenter too, just like St. Joseph. What a coincidence!

Oh brother, the twists and turns.

The movie shown at the Vatican is said to be very well done and I plan on seeing the movie myself.

Keisha is also to be commended on the decision to keep the baby. It's when the MSM steps in and adds their two cents.

It never adds up.

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