Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Sirius Scary...

I really enjoy my Sirius Radio subscription. I've been a subscriber now for a year and it really has paid for itself.

I have a rather long commute (about 3hrs plus each day) so I can listen to the various cable news channels or talk radio. EWTN (Eternal Word Television Network) is one of my favorites and tons of music...Commercial free.

Because of Halloween, Sirius is presenting some 'scary goodies'. On channel 116 the KID STUFF channel, they're playing "nothing but the spooky sounds of the season. Bats screech overhead as ghosts, goblins and witches cackle and moan over howling winds. Doors creak as spooky laughs echo down the hall.."

If you don't subscribe you can still sign-in on their internet website www.sirius.com and click the LISTEN ONLINE button at the top and get a free trial offer.

Also for subscribers, don't forget to tune into the Classic radio channel 118. Last night on the way home I listened to the original Mercury Radio broadcast of the "War of the Worlds". Too cool.

Thought I'd give a Sirius tip!

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