Monday, October 02, 2006

Crusades 101

The website Ignatius Inside has an article I read a while back on the history of the Crusades by Jimmy Akin of Catholic Answers. Jimmy does a great job as usual.

I use to subscribe to an outstanding magazine a few years ago called "Catholic Dossier". I don't know whatever happened to it, however it would choose a topic; let's say in this case "The Crusades" and write about it from all kinds of angles, historic, theological, even a Fiction work of "A Father Dowling Mystery" by Ralph McInerny on the subject at hand.

This link is from their January/February 2002 Issue on "The Crusades"

You've got to print these out and save them in your home library for reference. You'll find many more issues of interest as well. One on Mary, Galileo, the Reformation and a number of others issues from 1996-2002.

Bookmark this website.

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