Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Catholics and Voting

We are about 4 weeks before we are called to our civic duty of voting. As a Catholic, I don't think this is a topic that can be ignored.

I think we understand the importance of the voting right and we shouldn't take that right lightly. This is our time to weigh the issues and cast our votes to the candidates of our choice and to the propositions that clearly reflect our stand on the various issues that affect our society.

The trouble is, which is the right thing, which is the wrong thing. What is Right and what is Left. With war and scandals, and with all the different news sources, blogs and websites, it's hard to decide what one should be voting for and for whom?

I don't like to consider myself Republican or democrat; nor do I hold to any one particular party, whether it be Indepentent or the Green Party or whatever. I like to take the issues and candidates individually and make a decision as to who and what I think would be best.

What I do hold closer is my Catholic faith. I am Catholic all the time. In Church, in the supermarket, on the soccer field, in the movie theater, as I'm conversing with my neighbor or at work. I'm catholic all the time and everywhere...even in the voting booth.

I don't check my faith at the voting booth door.

With that, between now and election time I will, from time to time share some articles that reflect some thoughts on voting as a Catholic.

I think everyone should gather as much information as possible on what they're voting on. Understand the issues and candidates as best we can.

And always remember that we can not and should not forget our faith.

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