Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween

It's been a tradition in my family, as I'm sure with many other families, to begin the fall celebrations in the Hallowing spirit, with a good'ole Pumpkin carving.

My kids have kept this family carving time a great opportunity for family memories.

They started out as young'ins, with only a spoon to clean out the inside, then graduated to drawing the face or shape that would eventually be cut out on the pumpkin.

They are all grown now (High School and early twenties) and they still carry on this tradition.

This is a time for them to bond, as mom and dad won't be around forever...at least on earth. It's great to see them around the kitchen table, laughing and carring on...

They've gotten a bit more elaborate with their cutting skills and I'm most happy knowing their clean-up skills have gotten better too!

Anyway, enjoy your Halloween and if you don't like the pumpkin mess here's a site that you can carve to your hearts content...

...without the mess! HALLOWEEN PUMPKIN CARVING
(I'd like to thank Jimmy Akin for pointing this out on his site first: www.jimmyakin.org)

Don't eat too much candy!

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