Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Fox News' Father Jonathan Morris

Father Jonathan Morris is ...well not exactly your typical reporter.

He's not at all what you'd expect when one see's a priest on TV. You expect a very elderly priest who looks like he might have had St Peter himself over for dinner, way back when.

I love this guy, he young, very articulate, intelligent and...yes...orthodox!

If you haven't heard of Father Jon, you're really missing out. He's really hard to find on the Fox News website so I'm going to highlight him from time to time.

His latest article "Neo-Darwinism Vs. Reason" is a review of this weeks edition of Time Magazine.

Also... He'll be appearing on "Big Story with John Gibson" at 5pm ET tonight.
Tune in, he'll be talking about the recent spree of school shootings.

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