Saturday, September 03, 2011

A Walk Down Catholic Lane: Why We Need the Catechism

A Blog well worth a visit, Catholic Lane (CL), brought me to this article on the topic of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

It use to be that the argument "We don't need your Catechism" was mainly a Catholic Protestant debate, however more and more this argument is being heard among Catholics themselves.

Imagine that, there is no longer an understanding that there is a need for the Catechism within the our Church menbers who's benefit it was written for. This may be because for many reasons, ignorance of what it contains, how to use it, maybe understanding it and refusing to apply it in our own lives because it means changing how we live.

CL's article brings this in light of the author  teaching to catechism teachers in his parish.

He made me aware of a few techniques on how to properly instruct, namely presentation and questions to reinforce what's been taught. Many times, maybe because of time constraints one concentrates on just getting out the information and not much on if the audience understands the material.

Good article...great blog 'Catholic Lane'   

I Don’t Need your Catechism!

A couple of years ago, a pastor asked me to provide a catechetical training day for teachers in his Catholic school and CCD program. One of my first questions to him was what issues had developed that required my assistance. The Pastor voiced to me his concern over poor doctrinal formation he suspected the children were receiving. I asked him how he finally came to this point. He said, “I knew things were off when all I saw was glue, crayons, construction paper and scissors during an eighth grade religion class.” Right there and then I realized what I had to work with


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