Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11 Anniversary - 2011

Lot's of memories of that day. We had just moved to the home I'm presently in with my family. The chaos at work with everyone trying to find out what was happening.

Calling home to check in with the family, just to hear my wife's voice telling me everything is okay at home and discussing what was happening in New York.

(Google Photos: Towers)

The prayer services we attending that were arranged ad hoc.

The fears the day after for me here in So.Cal and for millions of others around the nation; President Bush had just announced that the nation was under attack. Should I go to work and leave my family. Should we be preparing for more attacks.

We should all continue to remember.                                         (9/11 Firemen)

It's interesting to note that today's readings for this Twenty-Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time on the Catholic readings calendar, focus on 'Forgiveness', 

Fr. Barron has an appropriate video on reflections of 9/11: 'Anger & Forgiveness'

The continued vigilance at today's memorials services is a reminder how the world and especially here for Americans will always be changed.

Let us remember, let us forgive, but let us never forget. Let us continue to be prepared. 

(Fr. Mychal Judge)

God Bless the soul's lost, God Bless the families that Survived. God Bless our 1st responders and military.

God Bless America.

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