Sunday, September 18, 2011

Megyn Kelly on the Wrong side of Bono Issue

Megyn Kelly is one of my favorite commentators. I like her spunk and legal knowledge. She's not afraid to confront and stand up for what she believes.Her experience as a lawyer shows that she is not just another pretty face on TV.

Of late, Her lawyer smarts seem to be getting in the way of her moral judgement. I see her  more and more putting aside that which is very essential in faith and reason mainly just that, 'faith and morals'.

Pope Benedict and Social Doctrine says that a good society can not be accomplished if there are not virtuous people in that society.

And that word virtue(ous) is not one mentioned very much anymore and even less when it comes to judging whether something in society is right or wrong.

Tolerance is a word which seems to be taking it's place."You mustn't judge [something to be right or wrong]".
I don't thing that is a good message to teach. we make judgements thousands of times a day.

I wonder if Ms Kelly, a new Mom, will go the strictly "the law says" when raising her children.

The law says "abortion is legal"

The law says "gay marriage is legal"

The law says "schools can hand out condoms and take you child to get an abortion" without a parents consent.

The law says that you have a right to mutilate your body in a transgender operation.

...and if you disagree with any of this you insight violence and intolerance.

I wonder if as a parent how far Ms Kelly will go when applying her parental guidance?

"Gee, I guess your right child of mine. If the law says it's legal to do any of these and numerous other things, I shouldn't discourage you from gong for it."

As a parent and now a grandparent, I know a little about raising children and yes children are influenced by everything around them. They will imitate whatever they see, whether it's Wrestle Mania or violent video games to smoking, swearing, dressing, and what they eat and drink. It's not unusual to see younger than teenage kid drinking energy drinks or asking Mom or Dad to order them a Star if they are lacking in energy. or need the caffeine.Hey everyone's doing it. It's legal and it's advertised everywhere.

That's why we are parents, so we can guide them through the minefields. Just because you bring that guidance to your children doesn't mean you're telling your kids that they should hate those that do those things. That they should bring violence into the situation whenever you confront those participating.

In fact it's more prevelent that if you disagree with these practices you will encounter violence from those that support them.

It's not uncommon when I visit an abortion clinic for a prayer vigil I will be cursed at 'flipped off' , even spit on (this hasn't happened to me..spitting that is,  but I know of those that this has happened to).

All Doctor Ablow is saying is that celebrating the decisions of Chaz Bono and let's use her real name Chastity Bono, is not what I would say is a growing moment in a child's life or a Teen's life for that matter. That's when the real parenting needs to be strong.

I think Ms Kelly as a Mom has a lot to learn. As a commentator lawyer, she is just wrong to say Dr  Ablow is insighting  violence.

As for Chasity (Chaz) Bono, I will pray for her. I pray that God will protect her and shower her with his graces, that she may see the error of her ways. I realize she as lead a very troubled life. I do wish her the best.

And I hope and pray for Ms Kelly. I still like to hear her point of views.

Fox's Megyn Kelly: Disapprove of Chaz Bono? You're Pushing for Violence 

Kelly said Ablow's science was "way off base," but O’Reilly pressed Kelly to say Ablow wasn’t a bad guy, but she insisted he could cause violence. “That doesn’t mean his own words won’t lead to that.” The column “was irresponsible and dangerous and could lead to some real problems. Listen, this group of people already undergoes enough discrimination and isolation and violence. “

O’Reilly suggested she was on a “slippery slope” insisting criticism equals violence, and she shot back, “No, don’t talk over it! I’m telling you! This group of people is persecuted already, and now you’ve got Dr. Ablow telling people that if your kids sees one in a manner that’s something akin to a celebration, your kid may wind up being one of them! Now there are people in this country that will react to that, and the next time they see a transgender at the McDonald’s or at some group event, and that’s irresponsible."  MORE 

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