Friday, September 23, 2011

GOP Debates - WestCoastCatholic Opinion

Okay so this is the first of the 3 debates I've half listen to half viewed.

I listen to part of it on the way home from work and the other while eating Chinese takeout.

So here's my initial thoughts, before I listen or read any of the analysis.

Tomorrow's headlines will pronounce Mitt Romney the winner, but that's not the whole story.

Well, I thought that Romney showed himself well, a lot better than Perry to my chagrin. I was really hoping Perry would make this debate his best of the three...and well I don't think he did that well in the others.

Perry seemed tongue tied every time he tried to make a point or to tangle with Romney. But to be honest Romney seemed more at ease, more fluid.

Perry blew it on the immigration issue. While I think we need to reform immigration laws and provide illegals with an amount of care for them and their children, giving them College money and privileges for first class choice over U.S. citizens is a no go for me. I have college kids and know the situation well.

Now, to be up front, I'm not a Romney fan. Frankly I still remember his down right anti-Catholic stance with his Romney-Care which specifically wouldn't allow Catholic Hospitals to opt out. They were forced to provide the morning after pills and Catholic Orphanages to allow Gay couples to adopt. The Catholic Orphanages decided to close.

I don't trust him, Perry is right to point out Romney's flip-flop history. I also want to bring attention to Mitt's claim that he stayed in the private work force out of choice. The real reason is he wasn't elected (2002 US Senate) to the positions he ran for including a bit for the Presidency (2008) . It wasn't out of choice so much as the  voters didn't want him.

I do like Rick Santorum but I really don't think people will give him the vote.

Gingrich is a veteran politician and has some great ideas, but I think his time as come and gone. Maybe a VP slot.

The one that impressed me the most was Herman Cain. I don't know, I'm still not knowledgeable in all his view points but he did impress me.More than all the others tonight.Better than Romney in my opinion.

Michele Bachmann is not for me.I think after tonight Michelle and Perry are tied, which means at this point not a primary win for either.

Jon Huntsman and Gary Johnson are off my list. Aside from a couple of good one liners they're out. The neighbor with 2 dogs and shovel ready jobs was a good one though. That will circulate the media for sure.

Anyways these are my first thoughts on tonight's debate. A long way to go, but still anyone tonight would do a better job than Obama... well almost everyone. I'm sorry but the youth are infatuated with Ron Paul but an absolute no for me.

Love to hear you thoughts....

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