Monday, March 28, 2011

More College Students Turning Away From God

I have both college grad children and some still in college. One thing they both tell me is that some of their professors and definitely anti-Catholic or at least non-religious in the teaching and in the advise they give students.

Carl Olsen of Insight Scoop  has a post on the topic

Let's see: You don't believe God exists. And you're angry with him. Huh...

 "Why Are More College Students Becoming Atheists?" asks

The number of atheist student groups on college campuses has doubled in the past two years. The question is: Why? There are currently more than 250 non-theistic student groups at U.S. colleges and universities, according to
Just last year, there were only 159 such organizations, reports
So are a growing number of students turning away from religion and toward atheism – or have they just become more vocal about it?

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