Friday, March 25, 2011

Jesus the Activist a Model for Today Activist Catholic Church?

I've noticed a very distinct political left hand turn in our parish these past few months. Starting with an announcement from our pastor of the integration of the community activist organization ICUC/PICO (Inland Congregation United for Change) into our parish Youth Group.Specifically the Confirmation Class.

To be taught and given the 'TOOLS' they need to bring change. Change in the form of solving Foreclosures and support ICUC event centered on Immigration (a real example you can read on their website of allowing Illegal immigrates the three extra chances to drive without a legal license, registration, and insurance coverage).

Then the video during the homily of our Bishop Barnes of San Bernardino to immediately fill out registration cards in the pews to sign up for, a political organization....during Mass.

Never mind that our Parish Men's Group was not allowed to hand out a 'Catholic Answers' Voters Guide (no candidates mentioned in the book) that reminded of Catholic Social Teaching (too orthodox).

So is some peoples claims of Jesus being an Activist to blame for many California Catholic Churches turning to such a 'Progressive' political stance?

Carl Olsen of Insight Scoop has a post on the Activist Jesus:

Was Jesus a card-carrying member of the ACLU? Did he donate to the National Right to Life Committee? I don’t believe we’ve seen it in the tax returns.

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