Sunday, March 13, 2011

Being Pastoral or Faithful

A wonderful blog post by both Peters and Fr Z.

Lot's going on in our parish... and I think this is the basis to the problems there.

Being pastoral or being faithful. The good pastor at our parish, and I repeat, a good pastor has former and not the latter.

Which poses the dilemma how do I as a layman approach him on the subject

...more on this in later post.

Meanwhile an excellent article

Dr. Peters on being “pastoral” v. being faithful

 The great Ed Peters, Canonman, has offered on his blog In the Light of the Law some observations about the discussion of c. 915 and the Governor of New York.
But first, I ask rhetorically… how many times have I railed against the false dichotomy liberals assert between being “pastoral” and … well… faithful?

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