Friday, March 25, 2011

The Church and Immigration

Many orthodox Catholics are confused with what they are seeing in their local parishes when it comes to immigration.

Pastor singing our the cause of welcoming the illegal immigrant. Chastising those that don't. As if the U.S. isn't welcoming any immigrants at all.

Don't they realize just how many immigrants are legally admitted into the United States annually? I tell you I'm a little confused at times myself. Is the Church advocating breaking the law.

Just the other day I was reading the website of an outside organization in our local community that is being allowed into our parish by our pastor.

The ICUC organization was highlighting the fact that they negotiated allowing illegal immigrates three chances to avoid having their vehicle taking away because of not having a legal drivers license, registration, and insurance.

Three chances? I don't get it?

If your here illegally and you want a legal drivers license how do you obtain the proper legal documentation to qualify for one, namely two pieces of identification (legal social security card, birth certificate)?

I'm confused. How do  you negotiate that?

Nobody that's a good Christian wants to bus back 10 million illegals, and some kind of reform is long over do, but breaking laws is not the way.

I found this article on the subject of immigration and the Church. Hope it's helpful.

Deo volente, I will speak this afternoon at a panel sponsored by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops and the Catholic University of America about the Church’s role in immigration. The organizers of such events are well-intentioned and, contrary to what critics of the bishops’ conference think, often seek diverse voices.
They rarely hear them, however, because, except in pro-life discussions, social conservatives are typically token participants. And so avoid these events. It’s an uncomfortable and usually fruitless task, but someone has to do it.

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