Sunday, March 13, 2011

Earthquakes and Disaster ...are you prepared

Patrick Madrid has a 'heads-up' post on "are you prepared?"

Is today’s Japan quake a harbinger of worse to come?

Like the rest of world, I am horrified by the the damage and death being reported in Japan after today’s mega-quake which devastated the central island of Honshu. And I join countless others around the world who are praying for the Japanese people in an especially fervent way. Who knows what will happen next? Hopefully, the worst is behind them, but it’s quite possible that more quakes will rock Japan and other seismically active areas of the earth, including likely areas in the U.S. such as California and the St. Louis/New Madrid quake zone, etc. The Lord’s words, “Watch and pray,” are reverberating in my mind right now.

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