Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday: A Vote for Life Today

Today is the day that Congress votes on the Health Care Bill.

Today is the day that The Democratic Party will be officially 'The Party of Death" if this bill is passed. There will be no denying it.

No matter what the President's promise is of an 'executive order' it won't be written into the bill. The executive order promise to Stupak of writing abortion language in place of including the language into the bill to appease pro-lifers.

This is not the end of the fight. Passage of this bill goes against the wishes of the people. Keep up the calls and letter writing and most of all let's keep up the prayers.

Especially for those Catholic politicians in Congress who have put their faith aside. And I might include may of my fellow Catholics.

Below are some articles and web posts and video for the events of the day.

EXCLUSIVE: Plouffe and Rove Battle It Out Over Health Care Reform (video)

It's over Stupak Caves

Action: Tell members in Congress that Executive Order is not enough!

Stupak Deal with Obama - The end of Pro-life Democrat

I think we need a little Lenten Reflection to see that we need to rely on Our Father in Heaven to give us the graces we need

The Soil of Our Souls - A Lenten Reflection

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