Thursday, March 11, 2010

Colorado's Fr. Breslin sides on the side of Truth!

My wife told me about this story from Boulder Colorado yesterday of 2 children of a Lesbian couple who where denied schooling at Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic School.

Creative Minority Report as some great resources to help explain the situation. I especially like Fr. Z's take on the story.

Child of Lesbian Couple Denied Entrance to Catholic Schoool

I totally agree with and support the priest of the parish who made the decision, Fr. Breslin. A brave man who is taking a lot of heat, I would even say persecuted for the Truth of our Faith. What makes this even worse is that much of the attack is coming from his own flock, at least those who are taken by the secularist, relativistic arguments.

I listened to Bill O'Reilly on the way home from work today and for an individual who likes to claim his stake in the Catholic faith I recognize that he is COMPLETELY WRONG in chastising the decision of the parish school pastor, who by the way has the backing of the Archbishop of the Diocese, Archbishop Chaput.

The arguments are so well explained that I would like just to point you in the direction where you can find them. I dare not mislead or take away from those who can explain the points better than I can.

I don't believe the media and those with an agenda will let this go, so please inform your conscience with the truths of the Catholic Church the church Jesus established. You can't go wrong if you follow His teachings.

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