Wednesday, October 24, 2007

"Bella" - The Movie

This is the big weekend for the winner of the Toronto Film Festival, "Bella". It's getting harder and harder to find a movie that you can take the family to. Even harder is trying to see one that doesn't have some graphic sex scenes that you kind of look at your date and say "did they really need to put that in the movie?"

It's getting close to Halloween and the graphic 'trick-or-treat' movies with plenty of blood guts and gore are out, but somehow no one wants to view the realities of this issue; abortion.

This movie may not make to the top of the 'Rotten Tomatos' review list (because it lacks entertainment value = no blood guts & gore, or sex, violence, endless vulgar language).

Some say this listed lack of entertainment values makes the movie boring! I say they're entertainment values need adjustment.

This movie will bring to mind the lost values of our society. The freedom not to do what I want, but the freedom to do what's right.

Please support this movie.

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