Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Abortion and the Clintons

I read this in the National Catholic Register this morning: The Clinton's God

The article brings to attention that lost issue of Abortion. And no wonder with the concerted effort to get Hilary into office. Understanding where she (and her husband) comes from on the Roe vs Wade debate has been hidden from view. In fact I would further note, at least in my opinion, the effort to wash all election issues of faith and moral aside and the use of the phrase 'religious fanatics' & 'the hijacking of the election of the religious right' as a way to demonize and minimize these very important views in order to make those issues non-exist in the '08 elections.

Candidates from both parties are looking to dissolve, divide, and marginalize the Christian vote. So far it seems that this '08 election hasn't offered a decent selection of Pres. Candidates.
I'm still undecided. My 'Don't Vote for' column is longer than my 'May vote for' column.

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