Monday, May 14, 2007

Setting the Story Straight...

Over at Catholic Exchange George Weigel sets the story straight as he reviews an article in The New Yorker by Jane Kramer entitled "The Pope and Islam" (April 2, 2007 - The New Yorker)
Jane does her impression of a non-bias journalist (not a very good impression by the way) as attempts to compare Benedict XVI and John Paul II.

These are fierce theological times. It should come as no surprise that the Vatican and Islam are not getting along, or that their problems began long before Pope Benedict XVI made his unfortunate reference to the Prophet Muhammad, in a speech in Regensburg last September, and even before the children of Europe’s Muslim immigrants discovered beards, burkas, and jihad. There are more than a billion Catholics in the world, and more than a billion Muslims. And what divides the most vocal and rigidly orthodox interpreters of their two faiths, from the imams of Riyadh and the ayatollahs of Qom to the Pope himself, is precisely the things that Catholicism and Islam have always had in common: a purchase on truth; a contempt for the moral accommodations of liberal, secular states; a strong imperative to censure, convert, and multiply; and a belief that Heaven, and possibly earth, belongs exclusively to them.

Jane goes right in to the insults.

Anyways, Mr. Weigel corrects the obvious and shows the mis-information and flawed interpretation that litters the article.

Check it out.

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