Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Last Nights Debate

Okay, so I listened to the debate on my drive home from work (obviously West Coast time..) and it gave me a brief chance to hear the limited responses of the candidates on certain topics

First, I was disappointed with Sam Brownback, a fellow Catholic, who just didn't seem strong. Yes he was pro-life so that was a big plus in my column for my vote. He just seemed to get lost among the other nine. I was hoping for more from him.

Huckabee's remarks about Giuliani's stand on abortion was another plus in my column at least as far as this debate is concerned. He's Edward's was funny, but I wasn't' looking for funny.

Giuliani, as expected was strong on defence and more in line with my views on the WOT. I don't think we can afford to lose this fight. Rudy's now famous 'Robert De Niro' confrontation with Ron Paul showed he's not afraid to continue to stand up for what he believes.

On the other hand I wish Rudy would defend the rights of the unborn as he defends the rights our soldiers & troops. I still will not vote for anyone who is pro-choice.

Well, still a ways to go before election time. I'm still looking for a candidate who will get my vote. No clear cut leaders for me so far.

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