Tuesday, May 22, 2007

60 Year Old Woman give birth to Twins

The babies were delivered at Hackensack University Medical Center in Hackensack, N.J., by caesarean section.
(photo courtesy of Fox News)

"Baby A" weighed 4 pounds, 11.4 ounces, and "Baby B" weighed 4 pounds, 11 ounces.
Birnbaum said she felt great after delivering the two boys. "This is so wonderful, I feel so relaxed. It has been a great experience," she said.

Birnbaum, who is a psychologist, and her husband Ken, a Manhattan attorney, have three other children — a 6-year-old son, a 29-year-old daughter and a 33-year-old son. READ MORE

You heard right, Twin boys as a matter of fact. Cute little buggers too...

She had in-vitro fertilization in Cape Town, South Africa. It's been said that this process gives hope to those that can not otherwise conceive a child through natural methods.

That sounds all promising and good, but there are a few concerns. First the harvesting of eggs from the mother is a dangerous process. One of my earlier posts talks about the dangers of hyper-dilating the ovaries. Scientist in other countries are doing this to supply eggs for their experimentation's, despite the risk to the mothers health.

Another concern is where they get the sperm to fertilize these eggs. Usually this is supplied by the husband who is instructed to masturbate to collect the sperm. This is against the Churches teaching.

Also what is done to the unused eggs. Are they discarded? Are they kept for other uses...like embryonic stem cell research?

Then there's the question of Down-Sizing. What if they implant, lets say 6 eggs and 5 of them take. Many doctors will ask you to down-size to a more acceptable level and eliminate lets say 2 or 3 of the embryo's (babies)...that's called abortion.

With multiple births, the children may be born with complications (I've seen this first hand). Eye sight deficiencies, lung capacity problems (asthma), autism in some cases, eating disorders. Learning difficulties. The children are a blessing but it's very painful to see children suffer...

Then there's the question of the age of the parents. In this case 60 years old...that means she will be 70 when the twins are 10. That's still in elementary school. She'll be close to 80 come High School graduation.
All she can say is "I plan to be around for a very long time." With all my heart, for the sake of the children I hope it's in God's plan.

I pray that these two new little ones have all of God's blessings on them. I hope they have a wonderful life.

I pray that the mom didn't do this just to be THE OLDEST MOTHER TO GIVE BIRTH.

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