Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mister, Mister

I don't think California can turn anymore to the left than what I just read in this article.

Yup... you read correctly. In a homosexual partnership in California, one of the two will be able to change their names to take on the other partners surname if this bill is passed.
How do you figure that one out just boggles the mind. We can thank Assembywoman Fiona Ma, D-Sacramento for her contribution to legislation in California's slide into the abyss.
The bill would also extend to domestic partners and married men who change their surnames a protection currently accorded only to a woman who has changed her surname, prohibiting businesses and service providers from discriminating against a domestic partner in connection with the use of his or her birth name or former name. The bill would also allow a certificate of domestic partnership, as well as a marriage license, to be used as a legal form of identification establishing a surname.

Who were the backers of this worthless law?
The ACLU and the pro-homosexual lobby group Equality California co-sponsored the Ma bill. The bill follows a 2006 ACLU lawsuit in a Los Angeles federal court challenging current state law that allows only a woman to change her surname through the marriage license. Michael Buday had wished to change his surname to that of his wife but in order to do so had to go through the courts, paying a court filing fee and a $32 application fee on top of the $70 marriage license fee, as well as advertising the proposed name change for four weeks in the newspaper. The ACLU says that this burden on males constitutes “gender discrimination” and violates the Fourteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.
Another step toward legalizing same-sex marriages.

Thanks.. Assemblywoman Fiona Ma.........NOT!

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