Wednesday, February 21, 2007

New Feature - Divine Office

As you can see I've added a new feature to this site.

I've added a banner which links to the Divine Office Online. The Divine Office , also known as the Breviary, is the second most holy prayer of the church, the first being the Holy Mass. All the clergy are required to recite this on a daily basis, however the laity can also join in, although it's not mandatory for us.

I've been reciting the Office on-and-off for awhile now. Usually the Office of Readings, the Morning Prayers and either the Evening or Night prayers.

This practice goes back to St Benedict (The Rule of St. Benedict) concerning the monastic life and order of the times for prayer and the recitation of Psalms by the monks and priest. This lead to the lay peasants of the time to request a prayer like the Office for their own. Because of their illiteracy this was not possible or at least not practical for the time, so the string of beads called the Pater Noster was started, later to become today's Rosary!

Cool huh.

Anyways, I thought this Office would be a great practice to start during this year's Lenten Season and hopefully continuous after.

So just click the Banner and it will take you to that days Office.


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